Saturday, January 10, 2009

Turning Creepy into Art

So I decided to try and salvage the picture of the creepy doll and turn it into something with a little more class.
This is what I managed to crank out:I called it "The Forgotten Dolls". It's on my deviantart now.
Oh right, if you guys want to see some of my old photography go here:

I took a new pic today... well yesterday I guess.
But I took another pic in my sunglasses.You have to admit, I take some pretty good pictures considering they're on my camera phone.
I'm kind of glad I don't have a big fancy "See every pore on your face" camera. I have to edit them enough as it is. That would make me uncomfortable.
I get uncomfortable a lot in front of the camera now. I used to be like TAKE MY PICTURE but now I sort of shy away from it.
My skin problems have persistently gotten worse. And everyone says "I don't see what you're talking about."
Except the ones that have seen me in person. All they can say is "It looks a little better than last time!"
Which is an insult and a compliment wrapped up in one. It's kind of like "Hey, looks like you lost a little weight!"
In other words, you were kind of chunky so it's good that you slimmed down.
Everyone says I didn't need to lose weight, but I've seen pictures of what I used to look like.
And crap, I'm getting kind of hippy again and it's pissing me off. It's just in my thighs, and a little in my stomach.
I probably lost weight when I accidentally starved myself a few weeks ago.
I get distracted easily and kept forgetting to eat.
Now I'm starting to go on bike rides, and the club house for our new development is a bit far from the new house, so I'll get to bike there. But I can't use the gym because I'm not 18.
Anyway, like I was saying about pictures. My acne scarring is pretty extensive. It isn't actually burrowed into my face, but when my makeup is off you can see it.
The webcam keeps it from being visible because it's low quality, and my cellphone is low quality too. But if I took a real picture with a real camera, you'd see what I'm talking about.
I blame proactiv. I never used to have HORRIBLE acne. Just some in certain areas. I used proactiv and bam, my face was bloomed out with lesions everywhere.
Since then I haven't been able to fix it.

So anyway, I'm going to start attempting photography again. If I do a post again later tomorrow forgive me. I just wanted to share that picture with you guys, and complain about my skin.

Complaining is fun, kids!


Liz said...

Great pics! Sorry about your acne. Maybe as you get older it will get better.

Me said...

I don't talented as you are, that doll is still creepy! You've got great pictures though. (Yes, I clicked over and looked at every one of them on the other site).

I remember you mentioning before that you struggle with acne. Did you ever read that book I suggested?

Yaya said...

There's nothing wrong w/ some hips and a big 'ol 'ga-dunk-a-dunk'. You don't wanna be a stick figure!

Love the forgotten doll.

Yaya said...

PS-can't remember if I told you this yet or not. I have horrible skin complexion and THE ONLY thing that keeps my acne at bay is using Mary Kay Timewise cleanser system. THE ONLY. If I veer from Mary Kay I immediately break out again.

Jillene said...

I had issues with Proactiv too. It made my sikn completely dry out and itch like crazy. I guess it works for some but not for others. Have you seen the Neutrogena SkiniD commercial? Maybe you could try that.

Kristina P. said...

The picture definitely looks creepy.

And I had really bad acne when I was your age too, but Proactiv actually has really been effective for me as an adult. I actually use the repairing lotion as my moisturizer.

But, I have heard it has that reaction for some people.

Wendyburd1 said...

Hey I never post a pic of myself without using the PSP clone brush first to get rid of any huge pimples or what not. And I have huge pores no matter WHAT I use.

Use a real camera you have some awesome photos on that sight! And you can take pics of whatever you like, that doll pic is cool!

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