Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Really Bugs Me.

I'm not the type to name names, it doesn't exactly get me anything.
So I'm not going to name names.
But someone that I made a full layout for never gave me credit for it.
I always let someone know if I'd like credit. If you forget and then correct it, no problemo.
But when you intentionally ignore my request for credit and continue to use my layout, we have a problem.

I let this person know, and they ignored my request for credit.
See, that sort of thing pisses me the hell off.

I do this stuff for free. I do it for you guys. All that I ask is that I get credit for it.
I don't just pull this stuff out of a purse and go "here you go!" It takes TIME to make these layouts.
Time that could be spent making another layout for someone that's actually going to credit me.

I checked through their blog to see if they made a post about it, but no.
Nothing, nada. It's as if they made the layout themselves.
No button or anything.

But what do I do in this situation? I can't sit there and go "CREDIT ME".
But my whole operation is run by word of mouth. (And things are slow right now, so I'm looking for ANY work.)
Really, I have no requests right now. I need to start spreading through other people, but I can't figure out how.

Anyway, so I'm steaming mad right now. I was actually pretty irritated the first time I realized they hadn't credited me. But I asked nicely expecting them to say okay, and then nothing.
And they've posted since then, so I know they're aware of me asking.

And I only had 6 comments on my last post, which bugs me.
I get bugged easily about superficial things like that. But today has been slow anyway, so I'm expecting more comments when I wake up in the morning.

As I was saying, I don't know what to do in this situation. I feel like I've been treated sort of ungratefully.
I don't have to do this for free. I could sit here and charge for it, but I don't. And I have the capability of it. Or I will in February.
I mean come on people, I need car insurance and I could be helping my cause by charging.

Is it really so much to ask for some credit? For people to realize that layout didn't just come from nowhere?

Use my button, make a post, make a small link on your sidebar. But don't hide the fact that you didn't make the layout.

If this post has offended you in any way, I'm sorry. But I'm offended by the situation. It's things like this that make me want to quit making layouts for free.
I could very easily embed an ugly credit right onto the layout. I could put a brush over it so that it can't be removed.
Do I do that? No. Because I trust you to be honest when you request a layout from me.

I thank everyone who has gotten me work in the past week or so. Keep up the good work! I guarantee it'll come back in good karma.
And we're getting close to my 100th post. And you guys will all be interested in it. So keep your eyes open for it.
Sorry for the rant. I just needed to get that off my chest.

And I apologize if I've missed any of your recent posts. I JUST got google reader, which is helping a lot. Stuff wasn't updating. I promise I wasn't intentionally missing your posts, or reading them without commenting. I always comment, because I love comments too!


Erin said...

I'm so glad you figured out Google Reader! It's fun, isn't it?

I know people have come your way thanks to my cute blog and shout-out to you. People love your work! Here's hoping they will credit you for it!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

That's so uncool. I just got a blog makeover form someone else who also did it for free. I was/am so appreciative. I did a post and have and will leave her button up. I'm also hoping to get a great idea of something to get or do from her from her blog soon.

Anonymous said...

:( That does suck.
Especially since you are doing mine this weekend and I know HOW MUCH WORK you put into it. If all you are asking for is credit, then what the heck?!?!?

I really really appreciate everything you have done for me. You are amazing at this stuff, I cannot believe it! You could totally make a whole business (making money!) out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can see I'm plastering your button over my blogs because you rock!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That sincerely sucks, and I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about because I looked at all the blogs you had said you designed for.

You should be mad. I'm in design school and I know how much effort goes into that stuff. You would think the person would want to show a little love. I mean hey, I was so happy with mine I ended up making another posting even though I already had a post for today.

Kristina P. said...

Even if someone did pay you, I think the polite thing to do is tell people about it. I know I did with my header.

And comments slow down during the weekends.

Lana said...

I just recently discovered google reader too! I had no clue it existed!

That's too bad that person didn't credit you. Hopefully they are gone and have scheduled posts? One can only hope. :(

I've had a lot of people comment and email me about my background and banner, and I send them your way. I hope things pick up for you soon!!

Good for you for requesting credit. You deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, another idea that you could do is add a signature to all the backgrounds you make. Just up in the corner somewhere. I had a friend who used to do that, just to make sure everyone knew where it was coming from.

Kimmy said...

Yeah, that's uncool! Common courtesy. People have forgotten about that and it's sad. I hope that person reads your post and corrects it and apologizes. It's not that hard.

Stesha said...

I hope they correct the problem too Lee. You know I will waddle over there if need be!

Kristina P. said...

Lee, have you tried emailing them?

Honestly, I would start embedding something into your layouts. It unfortunate people can't be trusted, but you need to protect yourself.

Kelsey said...

That sucks.
You spend a hell of a lot of time on these things and they deserve to be credited!

I'm guessing you emailed her right? Why not try posting comments on her blog like, "I would appreciate you linking your blog design to me" or something like that.

Anonymous said...


You are probably going to have to embedded something into your layouts. I know you don't want to. It sounds like you are a very trusting person. However, not everyone is like you or the others commenting here. It's better to protect yourself, ya know.

I love Google Reader. I never miss a post using it. It makes blogging life much easier.

Anonymous said...

You need a perpetual burn button!

Stesha said...

If all else fails, I can just waddle over there!

The Thompson's said...

Hey there!! found your blog thru some other friends. I totally understand how you feel especially since you dont charge. I have done a few things for people like buttons and minor HTML code changes (all at no cost of course) but they have always at least made mention or put my button on their page. Several of the commentors here have buttons on my page.

Anyway, just leave it as what it is. You were doing the right thing and they werent. Of course you could have put a link on your site saying who it was and all, but you didnt. Thats shows that you are the bigger person.

Please feel free to visit us at our blog. We woiuld love to have you stop by. Maybe even follow along if you like.

The Thompson's said...

So glad you will be following our blog. Escited about following you as well. You were right on on the girl. You got it right! Did you see all the pics from there big girly day on her site. If not just click the picture of her in the flag at the top of the page.

Also, I just paid to have all 4 of my blogs redesigned. Pleae give me your opinion on what you think.

Wendyburd1 said...

Dude LEE, you have every right to be mad, you asked nicely and they have ignored you, that is YOUR artwork!

Cammie said...

that sucks Lee. I would be pissed too.

Me said...

Man oh man! I am real sorry! It's unfortunate that someone would do that. I can understand it slipping your mind, but if you have requested they give you credit...thats not cool!

Isn't Google the coolest thing? I LOVE IT!

LaurieJ said...

I think the best thing for you to do is to try and add your own link on evey layout.

LaurieJ said...

& I think you are amazing and have loved meeting you and reading your blog.
I know I could have put that in one comment but I figured I would be obnoxious and push you past 20 comments :-)

Anonymous said...

Award for you at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Awards for you!......

Sheri said...

That is uncool that they aren't crediting you. ::shakes fist at them::

I LOVE what you made for my blog. Thought I'd mention that again. :) I am trying to figure out how to make the sidebar have sort of like boxes in it or something... so it looks better put together. I mean the stuff on the side (links, pictures, etc). When I get that figured out I'm putting your credit there too. For now it is on the bottom still if that is okay? I should have time to work on this project Tuesday I think. I've got loads to do tonight and tomorrow.

Well, I hope you are having a good day and get loads more comments! :)

The Thompson's said...

Ok Lee you were spot on with your guess on Katie. Nice job, very perceptive.

By the way, just a comment from someone with a degree in photography...

Your profile pic is great... it seems to be possibly taken by you maybe holding a small digital camera or something, but the lines and angles give it a hugely successful glamour look. Doesnt probably hurt that you are extremely atractive either. Anyway, nice pic!

sandy said...

That sucks! Your work is great and you deserve credit:(

Ryan said...

I really REALLY appriciate you making my layout! I still get giddy when I look at it. xD

Seeker said... should get credit and you shouldn't have to beg for it. Your layouts are sooooo beautiful. is there some way you can build a credit into the layout when you make it???

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