Saturday, January 31, 2009

For The Record

I haven't been ignoring you guys.
I haven't forgotten you guys.
Moving has taken the life right out of me.
Woke up at 8 and we've been lifting boxes since then.
So If I haven't commented you, forgive me.

I may not be around much, so this is just a warning for that.
If I'm not around until about Tuesday you'll know why.

But I look forward to reading all of your comments! I love comments, man.
They're like my crack.
Except I don't do crack.
Crack is whack.
Crack is for squares.

...Corners are for squares.

Lately I haven't been sleeping well. It's definitely not going to help much when Tiffany starts sleeping in my room.
We decided that was best, since right now she sleeps in the laundry room, but our new laundry room is too small.
I like/hate our new neighborhood. It's beautiful, but when we drove up with our 3rd truckload of boxes BAM there were 12 kids in the street RIGHT in front of our house.
We moved to a kiddie neighborhood.
Damnit to hell and a half.

Don't get me wrong, I love kids. If they ask me to babysit I'll jump on it and won't complain. But I hate kids in the street. And I hate kids that are in the way.
Frickin' AHH.
Our neighbors seem nice enough though.
I saw some prissy girls my age ride by on fancy little retro bikes.
Pissed me off.
Oooooh look at us we're in short shorts on our retro bikes.

And me in my blue baggy t-shirt with mushrooms on it and torn jeans.
Yeah, cuz I can compare to that.

I was pretty amazed with myself today. Usually I'm really bad at lifting things, but I loaded and unloaded a lot of things. I touched my arm and went "JESUS THAT'S A MUSCLE I'VE NEVER FELT BEFORE."
I used to joke with people because I would flex and my arm would just stay floppy. And then my friends would flex and HUAH have muscle. Jerks. They just wanted to hurt my feelings.

Anyway, it's dinnertime. I'm going to comment some blogs. But only the posts from today. Too tired to comment what I missed.
Enjoy a picture of me sitting in the Uhaul truck faking happy.


Cant Hardly Wait said...

Yeah, kids in the street are never good. Especially when I am driving, lighting a cigarette, changing the music, and answering my phone all at the same time.

Kimmy said...

Crack is whack!

Moving sucks too but I hope you'll be able to settle in soon and kick up your feet!

Me said...

Wow! That moving truck looks like you really were have loads of fun!

Erin said...

I love how you say you are faking happy. What a cute smile for faking happy!

Good luck with the move. Believe me, if we don't see you around, we'll miss you but we certainly will understand why!

Kelsey said...

Glad that you're finally moved in!
Kids in the street drives me nuts. That prissy girl sounds like she needs a lesson in life, you should go pop her tires. LOL. JK (well, I mean you could if you wanted to bad enough).

Wendyburd1 said...

Once you get settled in I am sure things will feel a little better!! Moving is SO exhausting, maybe you can get some good sleep!!

Liz said...

I feel your pain, Lee. There are 3 kids across the street and 4 boys around the corner from us. They all get on my nerves. Especially when they are in OUR yard. That got fixed though.... had a nice talking with the parents. I am not trying to be all mean and stuff but I am paying for this house not them. Keep it in your own yard, ya know. Anyhoo.... glad that the move went well.

Stesha said...

We will miss you while you are gone.

Hugs and Mocha,

Yaya said...

Totally understand-moving is so draining.

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Hope you get settled in quickly!

Bobby G said...

Comments are like whack crack to me too! So leave some! lol

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