Saturday, January 24, 2009


So Britney Spears is coming to town in April.
Freaking wicked, right?
Apparently the MGM sucks and my dad might not be able to get tickets for me and Shelby.

That would be a freaking travesty if you ask me. We're obviously her biggest fans.
Refer back to THIS as proof.
We need to see this show. We need to see her three-ring circus and we need to see it soon.
Or we may cause a riot.
The cheapest tickets are 50 bucks. And they're probably in the nose-bleeds.
"IS THAT BRITNEY?!" "No, that's just a back-up dancer." "DAMNIT."
I hope the MGM comes through for me.
I mean us.
Yeah, us.

I play the song Circus a lot. And I make the whip motion whenever she says something about it in the song.
Or that part where it goes PUCHAW cuz someone cracked a whip.
So let's just say I will whip someone a new one if they don't get me tickets to the fabulous Britney Spears. It's a demand, not a request.

Yesterday was boring. We just went to a furniture store, and then walmart, and then home. And then I passed out in bed for a little while. Eventually I signed on the computer to comment on everyone's blog and then I signed off again.
Yeah, you heard me. I make it a priority to comment everyone's blog that I'm subscribed to.
I'm still super tired right now, but I'm going to a show tonight with my dad.
It's Mystere's 15th anniversary. Probably will be a cocktail party involved. There's aaaaalways a cocktail party nowadays. When I was younger there never was. It was "Wanna go to a show?" Then we'd go, come home, done.
Now it's "Wanna go to a show?" Show up, eat whore-derves (shut up that's how I spell it), make small talk, watch the show, go home, pass out.
It should be fun though.

Someone's coming over today to check out my bedroom set and see if they wanna buy it. I hope so. Then I get a new one. : D Yaaaay new bedroom sets.

So anyway, I'm gonna go play left 4 dead or something.
To remind you that I want to see Britney, here's a picture of me in anticipation.Oops, sorry. That's my glare for the MGM. Here's my anticipation:


Kristina P. said...

I hate to tell you this, but one of my very good friends has tickets to that concert, and I have tickets to the one on Salt Lake. Can't wait!!

Jillene said...

I hope that you get the tickets!! Come on MGM give the girl a break!! Did that help?

Stesha said...

Um...I am a married mother of 5 soon to be 7 and I love Britney.

Could it be that I live close to Kentwood?
Could it be that out of the blue some reporter called and asked was I related to Brit Brit, because my last name is Sims? No by the way.

I hope you get the tickets.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you get tickets! That would rock!

Anonymous said...

I will be so jealous if you get to go!!!!

Good job commenting to everyone, Lol!

Kimmy said...

MGM SUCKS!!!! They screwed up my wedding reception on my wedding day! Sorry girl, they probably won't come through for you, they sure in the hell didn't for me....on me WEDDING DAY! I paid for the 2 story suite with balcony and apparently some high-roller strutted himself in and TOOK MY ROOM! MGM's excuse....A water pipe broke in there. LIARS!!! 8 years later and I'm still bitter!!!
Good luck on yours!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get the tickets!

My son is totally into Left4Dead! I bought it for him for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you manage to get the tickets. Hope you have fun at the show tonight.

Rebecca Jo said...

OHHHH - hope you get the tickets... how fun will that be....

(Visiting from BSU)

Kelsey said...

I got tickets for Christmas and some dude sold them to my dad off of ebay for some BIG BUCKs. But it's worth it. She comes here in March. I am beyond excited. My favorite song on the CD is "If you seek Amy" which I regularly sing in the car. Oh Britney.

I don't know what you're referring to when you say MGM, but they better get you tickets!!!

The Thompson's said...


That video was awesome!! You should go into the music video business.


Anonymous said...

"loyal commenter" award for you at my blog!

LaurieJ said...

How could the MGM not back down with a glare like that? ;-)
Still waiting for the sly cute guy picture!

Sheri said...

Ooooh! I hope you get to go to the show. It looks like it is going to be really cool. Take pics if you can and stuff :) ::cracks whip at MGM::

Wendyburd1 said...

Does your dad have connections is that it?

Hey you move like any day now don't you? The 30th or 31st?

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