Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yum yum and Superficial things

So I've created the perfect sandwich. People don't seem to believe me, but have you ever tried it?

The bread is a plain bagel from Einstein Bros.
And then ham. Not sandwich ham. Like spiral cut ham.
Then mayo, but no mustard.
Garlic salt.
Diced white onion.
And provolone cheese.

It's the yummiest thing ever. I was sad when I realized I was holding an empty paper towel because the sandwich was gone.

Anyway, onto the superficial things.
I see people with buttons that say "I'm a comment junkie" and stuff like that.
But I take comment junkie to a whole new level.
If I don't pass 10 comments I get 50 different types of pissy.
Which is pretty bad, but it's part of my personality I guess. Always seeking approval.
This is post 96, so 4 more until my epic 100th post. And that one will hopefully get a million comments.
And get people to stick around.
Because I'm so so so so so superficial.
When I passed 30 followers I got all squealy inside.

I feel kind of bad because I'm not subscribed to a lot of these people.
It's not my fault. My google reader is full of other subscriptions, and if you knew me in person you'd know EXACTLY why I keep things small.
My computer is a 300 gb harddrive.
If I go below 250 gb I get really angry. I like to keep things tidy. It's like my way of controlling pieces of my life.
So yeah, I'm a comment junkie. A comment whore. I'm addicted to comments and everytime I get one I feel validated a little bit.
Am I ashamed of this? Sure. Will it stop? No.

While I'm posting, since I'm trying not to do 2 a day until after my 100th post, I thought I would show you all a blog that really inspires me.
The way he types REALLY annoys me, but it's the story that's important.
If you don't read people magazine you probably didn't hear about this. If you DO read People magazine, you probably saw this article.
Back in March of last year Matt and his wife Liz welcomed a baby girl into the world. 24 hours later his wife died of a pulmonary embolism. Since then he's been documenting how he's recovering and how he's raising his daughter.
It's really inspiring. People from everywhere send him gifts and have adopted him into the parent community.
So take a look. It's a good read, even though it's a bit frustrating getting past his posting style.

I'm going to go watch Ghost Town with my mom. Ciao!


Kelsey said...

I've been following Matt's blog for a LONG time now. I never even saw his thing in People mag, but that's cool that he got in there. Little Maddie is so cute and it's been fun watching her grow.

Oh and I get pissy when I don't get a lot of comments either so you're not alone.

Also Einstien Bros bagels make me happy. I'm debating whose better between them and Panera bread.

Kristina P. said...

I never even heard of this blog! I'm sure it'll be a tearjearker. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

That sandwich sounds super yummy!!

I don't worry too much about comments. It's so nice to get them, but I've come to accept that there are always WAY more readers than commenters. Why don't those ppl comment?!?!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts.

Wendyburd1 said...

I can't do another blog like this. I followed the one CureKevin, I had known this man my entire life, had grown up (a lil older) with his 4 daughters. He was made Bishop of his ward about 30 minutes away. And wound up with cancer. His whole family wrote in it, and it documented his days with cancer, his last days by his wife, and after. This is the family that Kevin's sister-in-law lost her 2 year old son just a year after Kevin. So agghhh, I try and keep up with the special page made for Joshy the 2 year old, but no more. Can't do it.

Anyway, ahh stop Wendy, you have THAT much space on your computer? I have like 40! Sure it is a laptop but HOLY CRAP! I need an external hard drive maybe!

And you have Einstein Bros Bagels?! *cries* We first met in Florida when I lived their for 3 months and went like every other day. My usual was a blueberry toasted with a shmear (I love how much their shmear is) of plain cream cheese! SOOOO good! We visit when we go down for vacation when we can fit it in. Anyway I was ALL psyched to find out CT finally had ONE! The problem? Is inside the airport of ONE part of the airport (which is an hour away) AND past security, so unless you are flying, NO EINSTEIN!! I got one last MArch when I flew to Florida, no blueberry though, and we bought a bag of plain when we got home and landed (still no blueberry) and my Mom got 2 things of their honey butter, she misses it so...I am hungry now too!!aaaaagghhh

Anonymous said...

That guys story sounds very sad. What a tragedy.

I like getting comments too but I also understand if I don't get many. I imagine that some readers are following a lot of people and probably have a difficult time keeping up. :o)

The Thompson's said...

Ok Lee here is your share of comment from me, but then again you knew I would be here to give it becasue I am the same way with comments as you. I never feel I give people enough, and will NEVER feel that I receive enough.

Much Love,


Stesha said...

Sounds like a great sandwich, but I don't like mayo. Maybe I could use mustard instead.

I watched GhostTown and I didn't really care for it maybe you will like it.

Also I agree with YaYa most people will read, some just don't like to leave comments. It's okay because I like to leave comments.

Sheri said...

Hey! :) I don't think there is anything wrong with you wanting followers, comments, giving comments, etc. Keep it up and never change - we like you just how you are! :)

Kristina P. said...

Lee, I'm having problems with my email function. Can you email me? I have that picture I would like you to Photoshop for me. Thanks!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Whew, Lee, we passed the #10 comment mark today. I thought I should de-lurk and add another comment for good measure, since I was not sure if you would count Kristina P.'s Photoshop request as an actual comment. However, if you are a true comment whore, like me, you should! :)

Thanks for the world's greatest sandwich tip. Anything with mayo and no mustard is a good thing in my book.


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