Thursday, January 22, 2009

My First Day Back... and Blah.

First the Blah.
The person that stopped following me says it's because I didn't follow their blog in return. And keep track of posts and such.
I have a good example of me not doing this intentionally.

You see the list of blogs I keep track of over to the side?
Yeah, I used to put those in manually. It wasn't just the blogs I follow.
Well when I switched over to google reader, I forgot about those lists.
So about half of the people that I put in manually and forgot to follow were lost.

So I'm sorry for offending you in that way. It was never intentional. I'm just scatter-brained.
In a really, really bad way.
So to fix this, I'm going through anyone that regularly comments my blog to MAKE SURE I'm following them. I can't subscribe to every follower because I already have a lot of blogs that I'm subscribed to and regularly comment. But if you let me know you'd like me to follow you (really, just say it! I will do it!) I will do it.

I don't expect the lost follower to come back because of this. But I figure it'll help any future misunderstandings.

Oh, and my gamertag is CossieTheGreat to anyone that cares.

Anyway, onto my day at school.
Woke up at 6:30, got gussied up, and hopped in the car on my way to torture.
I mean school.
Got to my math class and sat down. It was nothing special. I had to fight to get the same teacher as last year. You wouldn't believe how popular he is.
We had 7 people walk in hoping to get a spot if someone had dropped.
No droppers. None. 40 seats, 40 students. I'm so happy I got into the class when I did.
Seriously, this guy helped me get a B in algebra. I didn't think it was possible.

Then my next class was US History II. Why II first? Because that just sounded more fun. US History I is like.... early colonial to the 1800s. This is 1800s to the present.
And my teacher wrote the textbook. Literally. His name is right there on the cover.
I think he has a little bit of an Elmer Fudd lisp, but I like it. It gives him character. And he's very, very animated when he speaks.
But onto the important stuff.
There is a cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute guy in that class. Seriously, he's like... man. Like adorable cute. Like I want to squeeze his cheeks. But he's hot too. Like, I could set an ice cube on his forehead, and it would instantly turn to a puddle of water. Woowee.
The upside to that is that he's also in my next class, sociology.
Which I hate that class.
Not the teacher. She's nice. The class just sounds boring to me.
Plus she wouldn't stop talking about Obama. I don't have some super hatred for him. I'm glad he closed Gitmo today. I was like hey, that's cool.
Hell if she'd been sitting there yabbering on about McCain I would've gotten irritated too.
Although she made a comment that kind of irritated me.
Someone had said "You notice that during interviews they only asked black people what they thought? They didn't talk to any white people."
And she goes "True. But the white man talked for 250 years. They don't need to anymore."
So what, now we're not allowed to talk? If that's the case you need to shut up too.
Christ. She's racist against white people and she's white herself. That doesn't even make sense.
But yeah, I didn't care. I just stared at cute guy out of the corner of my eye.
He was right in my line of view when I turned my chair a liiiiiittle to the right. Which was easy since I was on the far left side of the class against the wall, so I actually had to turn to see anyone.

Then I went to lunch. Luuuuuuunch. LUUUUUUNCH. I was so hungry.
I wanted to go to Denny's. But noooo. Zach didn't want to tip the waitress.That's cheapskate Zach.
See that cheapskate look on his face?
Yeaaaah. Cheapskate.

One of my gamestop friends was there. The others were slacking off again. But RJ was there because he loves me enough to come to work.
Or "Likes me a lot". Lol. I remember that argument.After Gamestop and McDonalds (I WANTED DENNYS DAMNIT. DENNYS. SLIDERS.) I had to go back to school for my final class. SPANISH. WOO.
I learned how to uphold a small conversation. "Buenos noches!" "Buenos noches, Como estas?" "Mui bien, gracias. E tu?" "No mui bien." "Lo siento, como se llama?" "Se llama Rachel, e tu?" "Se llama Lee." "Adios!" "Adios!"

"Good Evening!" "Good evening, how are you?" "I'm good, thank you. And you?" "I'm not good." "I'm sorry, what is your name?" "My name is Rachel, and you?" "My name is Lee." "Goodbye!" "Goodbye!"

Rough translation there. I'm not that good at spanish yet. You should've seen me trying to pick up on it in class. I was sitting there slack-jawed and completely confused. I'm so glad she didn't call on me to come up to the front of the class.
Yeah, we do that.
And we play games.
I'm scared. I'm very scared.

So that was my day. Nothing completely amazing.
Oh, I remembered I can roll my tongue. So my spanish isn't with an american accent. I actually sound like I'm meant to speak the dialect. So that's good.
Now I shall go pew pew the zombies on Left 4 Dead.
Don't forget to enter my contest!


Kristina P. said...

I took off my blogroll for my cyber-BFFs last week. If people noticed, no one said anything.

I just couldn't keep up with everyone and who I added and didn't, so I felt the best way was to take everyone off.

I still read and comment however.

Anonymous said...

Just passing thru from BSU... cute blog! Love your witty and charming style. :P

Bobby G said...

Hello! Im Bobby G! I got your blog off of Sheri's, and while im not gonna do your contest, im much too lazy! I will follow your blog, checkout mine at, thank you for your time & for god sakes DONT forget to leave comments, thats why im here!

Jillene said...

Sounds like you had quite a school day!! Sorry that you didn't get Denny's. I haven't been there in years so what the heck are Sliders?

Stesha said...

Somtimes having a blogroll can be a pain. There are some who don't update,so I think I might take mine down soon.

Happy 1st Day Back at School!

Lorena said...

...loving the mustard cardi!

Me said...

I gave my blog roll the death sentence a few weeks ago. They can be alot of work. I much prefer my google reader to anything else.

Inquiring minds want to know..Where does Cossie The Great come into play?

LaurieJ said...

So when can we expect a sly picture of the hot guy? And just the words math class make me gag

KittsKrafts said...

Liked your post. What is your major? I will be expecting to see a picture of this hottie. Don't get caught though! lol
I would love it if you followed me too. My son hasn't had time to start up his blog yet. Hopefully soon.

Sheri said...

Sounds like you had a pretty good day today as far as classes go. I loved my Spanish teacher in junior high school, she rocked! I still remember quite a bit from it too. I took Italian in college but it was too similar to Spanish and I sucked pretty bad. I kept thinking Spanish not Italian.. ah well I still got a B+. :)

Anonymous said...

I try to keep my Google reader and blogroll updated. I love Google reader though because it never lets me miss a post. Glad that you got all of that worked out.

Sounds like you have a full load at school. Good luck with all of your classes.

FireLillie said...

I've been following your blog for a couple weeks. I love it! :) I think it's awesome you're in college a 16. What are you majoring in?

Anonymous said...

Man, you made me tired just reading about your day!

Cute pics!

Anonymous said...

How dare someone not follow Cossie The Great!!!!!

Daphine said...

This blogging following gets a bit confusing at times. Don't worry about it girl...

Happy Friday!

BTW, Glad you learned how to roll you tongue in Spanish! lol!

Wendyburd1 said...

People have left MY blog as readers too, because I didn't follow them, but first I stalk a lot, so they don't know or I DO read them and they are on my google reader but I am following anonymously. I want to see if we will end up both reading eachother sometimes.

I used to put blogs in manually everyday too!! I had NO idea what google reader WAS or how to use it!!

Wow a hefty class day!! I hated Sociology too, much preferred psychology it is just a wee bit more interesting...okay a lot. I KNOW we are a huge melting pot...oy, LOL!

Sheri said...

I hated psychology my teacher was a huge ass. He would put 2 correct answers on every question and we had to pick the one he thinks is the best... um ok? I got a D and it was my first class ever at UCF. I hated it. I ended up getting a minor in sociology though lol really just because many classes intersected w/criminal justice (my major)... :)

LaurieJ said...

A slumdog in India goes on a game show and wins lots of $. They think he is cheating so the movie is showing parts of his life where he learned the answers to the questions. Sounds weird but is is effin amazing. Pretty darn romantic too. A little slow, but so great :-)

The Thompson's said...

Lee if the only reason they were following you was to get you tom follow them, then shame on them for their selfishness. Not to mention, if they would have taken the chance to get to know you as I have, they would have never left a friend like you.

Love and Prayers Always,


Motherboard said...

Oh please! someone quit following you because you didn't follow back?

Pffft. That's dumb. maybe they should, oh. I dunno. Get a life??

{{I haven't updated my blogroll in like 6 months! I only use my handy dandy google reader!}}

Sorry someone quit following and even more sorry there was no Denny's today. Bummer, dude!

Anonymous said...

It's really really hard to deal with the follower thing. Blogger only allows you to follow 200 people so I constantly have to move people out of blogger and into the regular reader. If I ever unfollow somebody, I'm not really unfollowing. I'm just moving them into the reader because that holds unlimited blogs. It was stupid of them to start a widget like that and then put a cap on it.

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