Monday, January 12, 2009


Why can't I nap?
Because I've got a whiny hunk of fluff in my lap that yowls anytime I move more than an inch.
I love her to death, but if you get on her bad side it's hard to get back on her good side.
She's like darth vader. She's pretty cool and wears a helmet.
Yeah, bet that's not where you expected that analogy to go.
Am I right?
Or better yet, sometimes she wheezes when she moves. Darth Vader weezes.AHHH FREEDOM. THE HUNK OF FLUFF GOT UP.
She go.. oh she's sitting on my foot.
Real nice, cat. Real nice.

Cats are evil little creatures. They're cute and cuddly on the outside, but if you spite them they'll tear up your carpet. Or your moving boxes. Or your wall. Or your bedspread.

I finished up a full, full layout today. Never done one this complete before.
I like it a lot.
Layout Here

I remember when I used to go to sleepovers. I never had one where it was sleeping bags and nail polish. Me and Shelby used to have the nutso sleepovers where we'd stay up until 7 am and try to cram into one bed.
That never works, two girls sleeping in the same bed. Tossing and turning and sheet stealing and sleep punching.
We would wake up with bruises we were so violent.
Although I've always been violent with Shelby. She steps out of line a lot.
Like slug bug. That game is barbaric.
Shelby would always hit me. "Slug bug no slug backs!"
So I'd nail her in the arm and go "I didn't slug you, I just punched you."
3 or 4 more times and she's never done it again.
Sure, she's pulled her arm back and started to utter the words, but then she thinks twice.
I've got a whole arsenal of words to use against her.
"Slug bug no slug or punch backs!"
*WHAM* "I didn't slug you or punch you, I just hit you."
etc. etc. etc.

Most of my sleepovers are pretty boring actually. The most fun has been making videos with Shelby. Next time she comes over I thought we should do "Circus". That Britney Spears song.
I love that song.
What song do YOU think we should make a video to?
Post your ideas in the comments, I'm going to get this cat off my feet and NAP!


Kristina P. said...

I'll have to think of a song for you guys to do.

Sorry about the cat nap!

Erin said...

Definitely do Circus. It would also be fun to do something with attitude, like by Beyoncé AKA Sasha Fierce.

Yaya said...

So impressed-that blog layout looks amazing!!!!

Pink "So What"
Britney Spears "Womanizer"
Beyone "Single Ladies"
Ludacris "Move *&%$#"

Stesha said...

When I was younger, I would love to go to a slumber party.

I agree with Erin and Yaya, do something with attitude!

Jillene said...

Something with some 'tude like Womanizer (Brittany)or So What (Pink).

Sorry about the cat--but that's what you get when you own evil creatures (I am not a fan of cats). (0;

kel said...

um...Beyonce.. Put a ring on it.

I miss sleepovers. We used to play "light as a feather" did you guys do that?

Me said...

I love your latest layout!

I think you should do something by Kayne West.

Kimmy said...

Oh WOW! I totally love the new layout!!!!! Can't wait to see what else you come up witj. Oh, I love the Paris one also. I'm just waiting to get bored of my current one and then I'll be heading over here to bug you!! :O)

Liz said...

Awww... poor Tiffany! She's cute as a button though. Sometimes we have all three cats laying on us while we are in bed. Gotta love it! O.k maybe sometimes it's annoying!

I use to love sleepovers. I remember those days of staying up late, eating pizza, drinking sodas until we were hyper. Those were the days!

Kelsey said...

I love your new layout, especially the whole row of buttons (I'm blanking out on what thats called).

My friends and I did sleepovers all the time. I started making them sleep on the FLOOR after someone shoved me out of my bed in the middle of the night. I Like my SPACE! Now when people come over, I have an air mattress and we blow it up so everybody can have a nice sleep. Because we actually sleep at sleepovers now lol.

Do Circus! Oh and Single Ladies..that's a good one. And then post them, because I would love to see them!

So said...

Have you done one to Womanizer yet?

Do you know about Micheal Jackson's Smooth Criminal? That's a good song.

Sheri said...

Circus would be a good song to sing and dance to. Maybe... When I Grow Up would be good too... I'll keep thinking of some. :)

P.S. - I awarded ya with something over at my blog. :)

Your Friend said...

Thank you so much for the blog layout. It is fantastic!! I love it!

Wendyburd1 said...

Cute layout! Our version is "punch buggy, can't punch back". The only truly Fun FUN sleepovers were every year for my friend Heidi's birthday. We always watched Grease and Dirty Dancing, got pizza, gossiped, etc and stayed up ALL night usually, this was from 2nd grade I think until 10th.

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