Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm not sure what to write about.
Sometimes that just happens. Obviously on Wednesday I'll have something to talk about.
Starting back to college. Not looking forward to it.
Well actually I'm looking forward to Wednesday.
The first day of school is always orientation.
Pretty much it's just "Heeeeey guys. See this room? You will waste away in here. Yeeeeeah. See you on Monday. Hehehhehehehehehe."
With the creepy laugh and everything.

I hope my class is on Wednesday.
My schedule says my first class is the 20th.
Which is a Tuesday.
I only have a Monday, Wednesday schedule. So that wouldn't make sense.
So I'll assume it's the 21st for me.

My phone is going to make me punch someone in the uvula in a second.
Third time it's refused to receive a picture Drew sent me.
I want to flippin' see what it is.
What if it's some epic picture of him discovering Elvis?
What if Elvis was actually hiding out as a Walmart greeter and Drew just sent me a picture of it?
Huh? What if that happens?
Then I'll sue Verizon for emotional distress.

Holy CRAP. It's not even letting me program my phone because the freaking service keeps dropping.
Whatever happened to those commercials with the creepy group of Verizon service people following you?
They were a LIE. They ARE a lie. VERIZON IS A GROUP OF LIARS.

Speaking of Verizon commercials, remember TV'S DREW POWELL?

Yep, that's him in the Verizon commercial. Did you see him? I bet you did.
If not watch it again. Watch it over and over again until you see him.

Anyway, I'm having female issues today. It's making me witchy, and weepy, and then I throw things at people and scream "ICE CREAM. NOW. NOW. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW."
Yeah. Ice cream makes the owies go away.
Because I can set the ice cream on my abdomen while I eat it.
Or set my cat there. I did that actually. She was my purring heating pad.
And then she scratched my face. So I called her a hooker.
I call her names. But she's mean to me first. She has it coming.

So I have nothing to do right now. I haven't had a layout to make in a week. Buttons, sure.
Buttons are nothing.
But I've made NO backgrounds. And that's disappointing. That's my favorite part.
I get my tip jar soon. And then ya'll will PAY UP.
No kidding.
But you will.
Or not, I don't know.

I've pretty much rambled about nothing, right?
I promise it'll be more fun on Wednesday. I'll take pictures with my Gamestop friends.
You guys deserve to meet them.

Before I forget, me!


Kristina P. said...

Ice cream sounds so good right now!

Cant Hardly Wait said...

DUDE, are you on the rag? i am. weird.

Anonymous said...

Please don't punch anyone in the uvula. Ok?

KittsKrafts said...

I might like you to do a back ground for me sometime. I still so new I really don't know what I would like yet. Hey I have an idea though. My 14 year old son wants to start a blog very soon. He is a gifted classical pianist and it would be neat to have a very very piano/sheet music theme going on for him. Would you like to think on that for a bit and let me know what kind of ideas you might come up with? We will get him signed up tomorrow probably.
Dani =^..^=

Erin said...

I think all cell phone companies suck. We just got out of a contract with AT&T and we were so happy. I'm sure two years from now we will be cursing Verizon too.

Kelsey said...

Have fun in class. It's about time you go back to school! Some of us have been at it since Jan 6 lol.

Oh and Ice cream sounds wonderful right now. I would kill for some Reeces ice cream or Ben and Jerry's Phish Food...

Jillene said... cream. I could use some just about now!! And it does make the owies go away. I am waiting for my "aunt flo" to pop up any day now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you hate your cell service. Sounds like you are having quite a day. Eat some ice cream and maybe tomorrow will be better. :o)

Grand Pooba said...

Oh I LURV girly time! It just gives me an excuse to eat icecream all day and Cap'n Crunch all night!

Too bad your kitty doesn't take to kitty weed!

Wendyburd1 said...

Did you and Drew talk and make up? That is good, as long as he is being decent, or I will so beat him up for you! ;)

Anonymous said...

I will def pay up the second you get that going!!!!!!

I'm a total chocolate craver during my time.

Anonymous said...

What's your major?

Yes, I will pay you. Of course! You are awesome! My brother in law texted me yesterday:
"That Lee girl that did you layout is a freaking genius" and I was all:
"I know, we're bff's"
And he's like:
"how does she know that stuff?!"
and I'm all:
"I taught her"

Okay, so he really said those things, I admit I did not say my things. But I did say that you are BRILLIANT!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You forgot the other incredibly lame part of the first day back to class...the "getting to know you" part. It is the aspect that I dread each and every quarter. When the instructor opens with, "let's go around the room and have everyone say where they are from, what they are majoring in, and their favorite food."

It is like dying a very slow death.


Sheri said...

I hope you have a good semester at school! :)

OMG! I have that same Green Day shirt you have on. I wear it all the time (okay once a week). :) hehehe

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