Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Code words and other things

So I've begun to notice that whenever a guy says something, it's not what they actually mean. Like when a guy says "Maybe we can do that", he really means "No, I don't feel like it."
Or "I'm probably doing ______ today", which means "I'm doing this today and you can't talk me out of it."
At times it gets to be EXTREMELY frustrating, because when you finally start to memorize what each word means, it gets flip-flopped just to screw with you. So probably is maybe, and maybe is probably. Ugh, I don't think I'll ever get it straight.

It's kind of ironic, because guys always say that girls are so complicated to understand. At times I think I'm pretty simple to understand, since I ask for what I want straight out. (Doesn't help in the long run anyway).

I still couldn't sleep again last night. I stayed up until 4. I watched Superbad at 12 to try and make me tired, but that did absolutely nothing. Except I learned that at 12 at night, Superbad really isn't funny. I really hope I'm not in the pre-stages of insomnia or something.
I started reading the second book in the Twilight series again. Why? I hate that book with a passion. I have never read it all the way through. I read the beginning and the end and that's it. They took Edward out of the middle, and without Edward I don't give two hoots in a basket about what goes on.

Since I finished my paper yesterday (woo!) and have no school today, I think I might take a nice bath and paint my nails. My toe nails look like a hazard zone. I walk around barefoot and flip-floppified all the time, so my nails hit pavement, rocks, etc. So my nails are dirty, chipped, and just plain disgusting. Luckily my fingernails are just short (except my cuticles. yeesh they are bad).
Woo short nails!

Alrighty, so a couple people on msn and WENDY (god you're such a pain. KIDDING!) have asked for the sizing to use on the backgrounds that I make. So here I have made a basic template. Just change the colors to whatever you want!

Anyway, I'll probably be back later to blog more when I have some interesting things going on. Until then, have a great morning/afternoon!


Jillene said...

I just found you on Blog Stalkers Unite and when I read the heading of your post I HAD to click over!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! I have been married for 11 years and I can tell you it still is the same. My hubby has "code words" for just about everything. I have gotten better at decifering the codes but it is still annoying!!

Your blog is great! I am going to follow and add you to my blog list!!

Liz said...

Men can be hard to understand sometimes. After 10 years, I have mine trained pretty well.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

You're right about dudes. And then when they are telling the truth, and you're all like "...nah", they get pissed because you don't believe them.

The middle of New Moon isn't so bad. Except the whole Jacob thing. I heard that in book 3, Bella gets really annoying. I haven't got around to reading yet because I just don't want to be annoyed by her.

Kristina P. said...

The second book was where I stopped. Blah.

And I'm glad Jillene found you! I thought I had emailed her about your blog.

Wendyburd1 said...

Thanks LEE, lol!

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