Friday, November 7, 2008

Help me reach my goal!!!

Since I started my blog I haven't had many readers. I've gotten used to this, but now I think it's time to break out of this stride!
If you enjoy reading my blog, help me reach my goal of just 10 readers or subscriptions.
It seems like a small amount, but to me it would be a mile-stone that I've been awaiting for a long time.

I'm planning on starting a few new blog traditions. First of all, I'm an avid photo-editor. Whether it's just an image of a celebrity, or an image that a friend of mine sent me, I will edit it as soon as I can!
For my first installment of "Weekly Edits", here is an image of my friend Angela that I created a couple of weeks ago.
I call it "Alien Ang".
Some of my edits are somewhat plain, just touch-ups. So this was my crazy edit!
I'll be adding on some other "blog traditions" soon. Until then, enjoy my weekly edits, along with my normal posts!


Angela said...

Well this pic looks familiar!

I love the new blog heading and colors. I'm sure that your creative posts and the new look will draw in readers galore! :)

Kristina P. said...

OK, you are adorable! And I work with teenagers. Granted, they are all usuallly high and not in college, but I can tell you and I would get along.

I am adding you to my Reader. Count me as a new reader.

Kristina P. said...

Hey, and if you want more readers, I can send you plenty, if you can keep up with them! :)

Anonymous said...

Your age doesn't matter to me at all. I remember being a teenager and it was fun! Count me in as a new reader.

Wendyburd1 said...

I am intellectually like 5...oh wait that makes me sound stupid...maturity wise I am like's good to be a kid!! Ask ANYONE who's not!!hehe

ukyankoz said...

That photo is amazing! And I'm very impressed at you being 16 and in college - nice job! I'm excited to read your other posts and follow along with you - count me in as a reader!

a boy, a girl and a pug said...

thanks for stopping by my the pic. I'll subscribe!

Me said...

I was referred to you by Kristina P. I Love the picture! You can count me as one of your readers. All I ask is that you return the favor!

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