Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This I Believe

Today in class we were assigned a new speech called "This I Believe"
It's based on a segment from NPR where normal people write a 3 minute essay on what they believe. It could be anything, but it is always inspirational.
Here is the site with the archives of previous segments:


Now, I think I've decided what I'm going to write about. Since I was home-schooled from 7th grade forward, I feel fortunate to have been saved from public school. So I can easily talk about that. Being home-schooled gave me the ability to teach myself and the ability to learn many amazing things. I was opened up to a world that wasn't restrained. It was an amazing experience, and still is. I incorporate what I learned during homeschooling during my everyday life.
My life is full of opportunities to learn and has created a colorful imagination that I wouldn't give up for anything.
To me, home-schooling is a gateway to an experience that couldn't be attainable through public school.
Public school is a place where imaginations go to die, and children go to transform into workers.

Here was a This I Believe that we listened to in class.

But here's the one that really effected me and made me take this assignment seriously:
Remembering All the Boys

Listen to it and let it sink in. Hopefully it will leave a mark on you, too.



Kristina P. said...

I heart NPR. And that's great that you had such an awesome homeschooling experience.

Jillene said...

I am glad that your homeschooling experience was great! I can't homeschool because if I did my children would all be sold to the Circus!!

Glad you found the Gardettos!!

Sheri said...

I wanted to be home-schooled but was not able to. I am glad you had a great experience with it though. You are a new blog for me to follow :)

Cant Hardly Wait said...

I hope to homeschool my kids. And yay, Gardetto's!

Angela said...

I was home schooled. I hated it. I'm glad you had a better experience than me.

yay for Gardettos! I still have no clue what they are...lol!

Anonymous said...

Your assignment sounds interesting. I wasn't homeschooled. Of course back then that wasn't hardly heard of. Sorry, did that make me sound too old? I am glad that you had a good experience with it.

I am so glad that you found your Gardetto's!

Wendyburd1 said...

Hey where did you find them? Remember that place for future needs! LOL. NPR?

Anonymous said...

Wow! "Remembering All The Boys" was touching. It's nice to see a homeschooled success story.

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